Where’s Your Focus?

Ariel view of the Grand Canyon

Scriptures to read: Hebrews 10:11-14, Romans 5:20

What if I were to say sin isn’t a big deal, how would you respond? What if I were to tell you God isn’t as concerned with your sin as He is concerned about you, how would you respond to that?

These statements might sound dead wrong and foolish when your focus is on sin. But what happens when grace is introduced into the conversation? Let’s use an illustration. If I had a small rock, the size of my palm, in my hand and I examined it throughly it would be safe to say that the rock is the object of my attention. I look at it from every angle and even put it under a microscope to see the tiny individual grains that make up the rock, up close and personal. My vision is totally enamored by this small rock.

Now I take this same rock travel to the Grand Canyon, get to the edge of cliff, and throw the rock over the cliff. Two things just happened: 1) In the deepness of the Grand Canyon, I can no longer see the rock and 2) My focus turns to the absolute beauty, awe-inspiring wonder that is the Grand Canyon.

The small rock is our sin, and it’s small because Jesus solved the problem of sin when He died on the cross and rose three days later with all power in his hand. But when we examine and put our sin under a microscope all we see is our sin it becomes big and it gets more attention than God. We want to change but we are using our sin as the motivation instead of God’s grace as the motivation to change. That’s like me staring at a donut for motivation to eat healthy or lose weight. All I see is the donut so I want to eat the donut! Wrong motivation!

The Grand Canyon is grace. It’s massive, deep, beautiful, and literally swallows up that tiny rock called sin. When we switch our focus from the sin to the awesome wonder of grace we become grace-full!

Declaration: Jesus is grace and He died for my past sins, my present sins, and my future sins. Therefore my sin is already taken care of. From this day forward Jesus will be the focal point of my life!


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