Sharing The Gospel (Romans 1:10-15)

Other scriptures referenced: John 1:14, 3:16; 1 Corinthians 13:13

Paul’s eagerness to preach and share the gospel was almost unparalleled in the early church and even now it’s quite encouraging to read of his adventures in sharing Jesus with the known world, but times are different so how can we share the gospel with the fervency of the Apostle Paul? Let’s demystify the notion of sharing the gospel.

Though Paul, at times, did stand in front of many people preaching and trying to persuade people to the gospel (cold-calling) he was his most effective when he demonstrated the power of God through the gifts of the Spirit and when he built a relationship. Paul sought to connect with people so his connection would open the door for the message of the One who came to save the world. Right relationships are built on love and love was the motivating factor in God sending Jesus to save us.

The Gospel is Jesus and Jesus is love, grace, and truth, possessing the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form, and Christians (humble believers in Jesus) have Jesus living inside them through the Holy Spirit. Thus the gospel is sharing love to others, believers and non-believers alike. Showing love builds relationships, which opens the door for honest and heartfelt communication. What can be more heartfelt and honest than sharing the message of Jesus Christ through our words and deeds? Paul was a slave to this kind of gospel.

Sharing the gospel is not a numbers game, trying to manipulate people to pray a prayer and add another notch to our spiritual belt. Jesus and Paul, and many other apostles gave out love for love’s sake with pure motives. When people sense that we genuinely care for them for no other reason than they are a person worthy of love, the Gospel is being preached. A message of faith, hope, and love can be accepted when the person sharing the message exemplifies faith, hope, and above all love. Now I can understand how a message like the gospel cannot be contained! Like Paul we are eager to share this Gospel!

Declaration: The Gospel is faith, hope, and love to everyone who experiences it, and my life exemplifies the Gospel. Therefore, I will share it with everyone I know.


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