The Romans Bible Study Page!

Hello High Praise family, I want to make sure everyone is aware of our added page to the blog. The Romans Bible Study is taking place during our Wednesday night services for the month of March at High Praise Ministries.

The Romans Bible Study page can be located directly underneath our High Praise Ministries banner to right of the “About” page on the home page of this Daily Bread blog. It’s important for you to know that since the Romans Bible Study page is actually a separate page and not a blog posting you will not get an email when it is updated. Therefore, you will have to access the page on your phone, tablet, or computer by coming to this site The Romans Bible Study page will be updated Tuesdays and Fridays for the month of March. We will also have some devotional posts focused on the Romans teaching we are experiencing on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.

Happy reading and we pray this helps in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

HP Devotional Team